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Index of Museum Studies: L

Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces, 15.1

La Farge, John
Noteworthy Paintings in American Private Collections, 32.1

La Gerusalemme Liberata
Torquato Tasso; Giovanni Battista Tiepolo; Rinaldo and Armisa in Her Garden; Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida; Rinaldo Abandoning Armida; Rinaldo and the Magus of Ascalon, 4, 9

Lancret, Nicolas
Three studies of the head of a turbaned black man, 26.1

Landscape with Saint John on Patmos, Nicolas Poussin, 36.1

Lannan Collection, 25.1

Lannuier, Charles Honoré
card table, 30.1

Lassry, Elad
Zebra and Woman; Untitled (Agon), 35.1

The Last Judgment, 30.2

Last Light, 32.1

Last Supper
German needlework of, 6

Lawrence, Jacob
The Wedding; 29.2

Le Brun, Charles
Autumn and Winter, 32.2

Le Gray, Gustave
Calvary Maneuvers, 29.2

Lépicié, Nicholas-Bernard, 5

LeWitt, Sol
Wall Drawing #274, Wall Drawing #574, Wall Drawing #1257: Scribbles, 34.1

Lex-Nerlinger, Alice
Seamstress, 28.1

collections, 34.2
Burnham, 13.2: Prairie School works in, 21.2
Fontain in, 13.2
Ryerson, 32.1, 34.2

Lichtenstein, Roy
Alka Seltzer, 30.1
Drawings for "Haystack" and "Haystacks", 34.1
Mirror in Six Panels, 32.1

Liebermann, Max
Beer Garden in Rosenheim, 28.1

lions, Art Institute, 14.1

Lipp, Franz
Design Study for a Garden with a Reflecting Pool, 30.1

of James McNeill Whistler, 24.1

Lockhart, Sharon
NO, 35.1

Lockwood de Forest
serving table, 33.1

Looker, William
ladle, 28.2

The Lord Who is Half Woman (Ardhanarishvara), 30.1

Lorichs, Melchior
Ismael, the Ambassador of Tahmasp, King of Persia, 33.1

Lorrain, Claude Gellée,
Panorama from the Sasso, 11.2, 26.1
A Rocky Hillside, 26.1

Los Tuxtlas
style of, 7. See also Amerindian art

Loutherberg, Philippe Jacques de, 18.2

Love of Winter, George Bellows, 36.1

Lovers, The, 30.2

Luca della Robbia
marble reliefs by, 8

Lüpertz, Markus
Untitled, 28.1