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Index of Museum Studies: K

Kandler, Charles Fredrick
wine jug, 32.1

Kändler, Johann Joachim
(Meissen Porcelain Manufactory) King Vulture, 34.1

Kanwar, Amar
A Season Outside, 33.1, 35.1

Karasz, Ilonka
footed bowls, 27.2

Kawara, On date paintings of, 17.2

Kelley, Mike
Eviscerated Corpse, 25.1

Kelly, Ellsworth
Red Yellow Blue White and Black, 29.2
Tableau Vert, 35.2

Kendrick, George Prentiss, 35.2

Kentridge, William
Johannesburg—2nd Greatest City after Paris; Mine; Monument; Obesity & Growing Old; Sobriety, Ubu Tells the Truth, 35.1

Kertész, André
Satiric Dancer, 35.2

Kienle, Hans Ludwig (or Kienlin)
Cup in the Form of a Rearing Horse and Rider, 29.2

kimono, 18.1

King David Receiving the Cistern of Water of Bethlehem, Antwerp Mannerist, 36.1

King Solomon Receiving the Queen of Sheba, Antwerp Mannerist, 36.1

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig
Portrait of Otto Mueller, 28.1

Klee, Paul
musical influences on, 3
Mosaic-like, 28.1

Kluck, Eleanor and Henry, 23.1

Klutsis, Gustav
Study for "Let's Return the Country's Coal Debt"; Worker and Woman Everyone Vote in the Soviet Elections, 35.2

Koehnemann, Renard
Chalices and Patens, 27.2

Kollwitz, Käthe
The Carmagnole [Dance Around the Guillotine], 28.1