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Index of Museum Studies: J

Jaar, Alfredo
1 + 1 + 1, 25.1

Jacques and Berthe Lipschitz, 12.2

Jahn, Helmut
Interior Perspective View of the United Airlines Terminal, O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, 30.1

Jallot, Léon Albert
side chairs, 28.2

Japan, 30.1
kimono, 18.1
printed books, 31.2
prints, 22.1
recent acquisitions, 19.2
scroll; textile wrapper, 35.2
vase, 30.1

jar. See jug

Jensen, Alfred
The Acroatic Rectangle, Per XIII, 25.1

Jensen Sølvsmedie, Georg
cocktail shaker, 28.2

pendant with Head of John the Baptist, 30.2
Renaissance, 25.2

Jiating, Cai
Yandang Mountains, 32.1

Jill and Polly in the Bathroom, Tina Barney, 32.1

Joachim, Harold, 12.1

John, Saint
the Baptist: Studies of the Holy Family and, 26.1; monstrance with tooth of; pendant with head of; Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Peter, Paul, John the Baptist, Dominic, and a Donor, 30.2; and Catherine of Alexandria, 33.1; Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist, Saint Cecilia, and Angels, 34.1
the Evangelist: Virgin and child Enthroned with the Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist, 30.2, 33.1
infant: Virgin and Child with the Infant St. John, 7
in the Wilderness, 31.2
plaque: with Saints James and, 30.2

Johns, Jasper
Near the Lagoon, 32.1

Jongerius, Hella
Repeat Textile, 34.1

Joseph Winterbotham Collection, 20.2

jug, 28.2
ewer, 33.1
pilgrimage with Christian symbols, 30.2
polychrome jar, 35.2
storage jar (olla), 34.1
wine, 29.2, 32.1
See also vessel

Julien, Isaac (with Javier De Frutos)
The Long Road to Mazatlán, 35.1