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Index of Museum Studies: H

Haley, Reuben
"Ruba Rombic" vase, 27.2

Hallowell, Sara, 36.1

Hals, Frans
Portrait of a Lady, 5

Hammons, David
American Costume, 25.1
Phat Free, 35.1

Hanging Head Dragonfly Shade on Mosaic and Turtleback Base, 34.1

Hanson, William
Handkerchief Celebrating the Battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794, 32.1

Happy Mother, The, Willem Van Mieris, 36.1

Harshe, Robert B, 36.1

Haystacks, 11.1

Harvest Moon, Jean-François Millet, 36.1

headdress. See costume

Heade, Martin Johnson
York Harbor, Coast of Maine, 30.1

head of an apostle, 30.2

Head of Medusa, 29.2

Heartfield, John
Untitled [Diagnosis], 28.1

Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial collection, 12.2

Hesse, Eva
Sequel, 29.2

Hill, Gary
Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place, 25.1, 35.1

Hindle, Will
Billabong, 35.1

Hobbema, George Frederick
Watermill with the Great Red Roof, The, 36.1

Hodler, Ferndinand
and the Birch Bartlett collection, 12.2
The Holy Hour, 28.1
Truth, 31.2

Hoffmann, Josef
Wiener Werkstätte collaboration, 11.2
chest for photographs; tea and coffee service, 28.2

Hoffmann, Wolfgang
table, 27.2

Hokusai, Katsushika,
illustrations by, 10

Holzer, Jenny
Blue Tilt, 35.1

Hope, Thomas
side chair, 35.2

Hopper, Edward
Nighthawks, 22.2

Horn, Roni
Gold Mats, Paired—for Ross and Felix; Some Thames; Were II, 34.1

horse (Tang dynasty) 33.1

Hosmer, Harriet
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, 30.1

Houckgeest, Gerrit
Old Church in Delft, 6

Houdon, Jean Antoine
Bust of Anne Marie Louise Thomas de Domageville de Sérilly, 28.2

Hovde, Ellen (with Albert and David Maysles)
Christo's Valley Curtain, 35.1

Ben "Old Hutch", 36.1
Charles L., 36.1
Frances, 36.1
Motoring in the Balkans, 36.1

Huyghe, Pierre
Les Grands Ensembles (The Housing Projects), 35.1