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Index of Museum Studies: G

Gainsborough, Thomas
Coastal View; A Woodman Seated on a Bundle of Faggots, 26.1

gaming set
Du Paquier Porcelain Manufactory, 28.2

four-armed dancing god with his rat mount, 35.2

Gang, Jeanne
Visitor's Information Center Model, 32.1

Gardner, Alexander
What Do I Want, John Henry?, 27.1

Gates Pottery, 35.2

Gauguin, Paul
Earthy Paradise, 35.2
figure studies from Martinique; portrait of Charles Laval and other sketches, 26.1
Faun, The, 29.2
design for a fan featuring a landscape and a statue of the goddess Hina, 30.1

Geers, Kendell
Tears for Eros, 35.1

Gentlemen, The, 30.2

George Cowper Album, 31.1

Gericault, Theodore, 10
Seated Italian Peasant; Haitian Horseman, 26.1
La Tempête, 2

German art, 28.1

Gérôme, Jean Léon, 15.2

Gibbs, Henry
presumed portrait of, 5

Gillot, Claude
Actors Making Ready, 26.1
Studies of the Holy Family and St. John the Baptist, 26.1

Giordano, Luca
Abduction of the Sabine Women, 21.1

Giovane, Jacopo Palma
three drawings by, 4

Girl Looking out the Window, Edvard Munch, 30.1

Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Anne-Louis
Fingal Mourning over the Body of Malvina [Scene from the Legend of Ossian], 34.1

Girtin, Thomas
Phineas Borret's Farm near Saffron Walden, 26.1

ancient, 20.1
company: Boston and Sandwich, 30.1
mosaic dish, 32.1
stained: Sir Edward Burne-Jones designs, 5

Glass, Henry P.
coffee service; "Swingline" child's wardrobe, 27.2

Glessner, John and Frances, 36.1
house, 36.1

Gobelin tapestries, 36.1

Gober, Robert
Untitled, 35.2

Hindu possibly Uma, 30.1

Godwin, Edward William
sideboard, 32.1

Golden Bird, 19.2

Goldin, Nan
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 34.1, 35.1

Gonzales-Torres, Felix
Untitled 1989/present, 29.2
Untitled (Last Light), 25.1

Goodman, William O., 36.1

Graham, Rodney
Torqued Chandelier Release, 35.1

La Grande Jatte, 12.2, 14.2

Greek art, 20.1
griffin protomes, 33.1
and Roman, 10

Greuze, Jean Baptiste
The Paternal Blessing, 5
Seated Gentleman, 26.1

griffin protomes, 33.1

Grosz, George
Dr. Huelsenbeck Near the End, 28.1

Grotell, Maija
vessel, 27.2

Grueby Faience Company, 35.2

Spanish pistol, 13.1