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Index of Museum Studies: D

dada and surrealist journals, 22.2

Dalí, Salvador
Venus de Milo with Drawers, 32.1

date paintings, 17.2

David, Gerard
Lamentation, 8

Davidson, Bruce
Birmingham, 34.1

Dean, Tacita
Disappearance at Sea II (Voyage de Guérison), 35.1

decorative art
American, 27.2, 30.1,
European, 28.2, 29.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2
furniture: painted, 31.1
See also chair; clock; porcelain; table

DeFeo, Jay
Annunciation, The, 25.1

De Ferrari, Lorenzo
Olympus, or Venus Interceding with Jove on Behalf of Aeneas, 26.1

Degas, Edgar
Café Concert, 34.1
and chiaroscuro, 7
Young Spartans Exercising, 4

four-armed dancing god Ganesha with his rat mount, 35.2
The Lord Who is Half Woman (Ardhanarishvara); Mahamayuri Vidyaraja; Yamantaka, 30.1

Delacroix, Eugène
The Death of Sardanapalus, 21.1
Peasant Women from the Region of the Eaux-Bonnes, 26.1

Dell, Christian
wine jug and cover, 29.2

Delphine, 32.1

Demidoff family collection, 36.1

DeQuincy, Quatremère, 15.1

desk. See table

Deskey, Donald
table, 27.2

Desprès, Jean
centerpiece, 28.2

Di Cosimo, Piero
Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist, Saint Cecilia, and Angels, 34.1

Diederich, William Hunt
Dog and Deer Fire Screen, 27.2

digital media, 31.2

Dijkstra, Rineke
Annemiek, February 11, 1997, 35.1

ding, She Wang, 32.1

diptych with scenes from the life of Christ, 30.2

Doccia Porcelain Manufactory
Winter, 28.2

Dolven, A K
Amazon, 35.1

donation. See collection

Doughty, Thomas
Coming Squall (Nahant Beach with a Summer Shower), 32.1

Douglass, Frederick, 24.2

drawing. See prints and drawings

Dresser, Christopher
jug, 28.2
panel, 32.1

Driscoll, Clara Pierce Wolcott (Design attributed to)
Hanging Head Dragonfly Shade on Mosaic and Turtleback Base, 34.1

Senufo caryatid, 19.2

Dunham, Carroll
Untitled 6/20/89, 35.2

Dunning, Jeanne
Icing, 35.1

Du Paquier Porcelain Manufactory
gaming set; oval tureen; teapot, 28.2

Durand-Ruel gallery, 36.1

Duvinage, Rosalie
work table, for Maison Giroux, 28.2