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Index of Museum Studies: C

17th century France, 10
corner; drawing room; wine, 28.2

Caccini, Giovanni (attributed to)
Bull of Perillus, 6

Cahun, Claude
Object, 35.2

Caillebotte, Gustave
Calf's Head and Ox Tongue, 30.1

Callahan, Harry
Untitled, 29.2

calligraphy initial: historiated O with Moses; L with the Tree of Jesse; M with Saint Matthew as scribe, 30.2

Cameron, Julia Margaret
Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, 29.2

Campana, Fernando and Humberto
Corallo Chair, 34.1

canister: for cigarettes, 28.2

Canova, Antonio
Bust of Paris, 15.1
Head of Medusa, 29.2

capital with the Adoration of the Magi, 30.2

Cappello, Gabrielle and Filippo Pelagio Palagi
side chairs, 28.2

Carolsfeld, Julius Schnorr von
Portrait of a Woman, 34.1

Carr, Alwyn, 18.2

Carracci, Annibale
Drunken Silenus and decorative sketches, studies for the Tazza Farnese; Two Putti Fighting, study for the Galleria Farnese, 26.1

Carriera, Rosalba
Young Lady with a Parrot, 17.1, 26.1

Carriès, Jean-Joseph
Frog-Man (Le Grenouillard), 35.2

Carrington, Leonora, 22.2

Carrot Puller, The, 30.1

1200/25 (Sicily), 30.1, 33.1
marriage with scenes from classical and romance literature, 30.2
reliquary: of Saints Adrian and Natalia; Siculo-Arabic, 30.2

Cassatt, Mary, 2
Child's Bath, The, 36.1

cassone, 5

Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto
God Creating Adam, 17.1

Celmins, Vija
Explosion at Sea, 25.1

centerpiece, 28.2

Chaekkori, 34.1

Chagall, Marc
White Crucifixion, 17.2

chair, 27.2
Austria, 28.2
Burton, Scott (bronze), 25.1
Cappello, Gabrielle and Filippo Pelagio Palagi (side chairs), 28.2
Cobra Chair; Corallo Chair; Spindle Cube Chair, 34.1
De La Warr Pavilion; side chair, 35.2
hall, 30.1
Kiti Cha Enzi, 33.1

Chardin, Jean Baptiste Simeon, 12.1

Chateau de Méréville, 15.1

Chen, Wu
Orchids, 34.1

Academy of Design; Academy of Fine Arts; Literary Club; University of; Woman's Club, 36.1

Child's Bath, The, Mary Cassatt, 36.1

China, 30.1
early paintings, 22.1
Horse, 33.1
jade sheath, 16.2
textiles: 26.2; floral medallions and bouquets 29.2

appearance after the resurrection, 30.2
Before Pilate, 17.1, 26.1
Carrying the Cross; Flagellation and Crucifixion of; on the Living Cross, 30.2
child: French Gothic ivory with Virgin, 9; Virgin and Child with the Infant St. John, 7. See also under Virgin
corpus of, 30.2
crucifix, 30.2, 32.1; White Crucifixion, 17.2
diptych with scenes from the life of; triptych with scenes from the life of; virgin and child with scenes from the life of, 30.2
Flagellation and Crucifixion of, 30.2
Pietà, Filippo Parodi, 29.2
Virgin and child Enthroned with the Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist, 30.2, 33.1

Christa and Wolfi, Gerhard Richter, 28.1

city planning, 10

View of Delphi, 1

Cleopatra, 35.2

clock, 27.2, 35.2

Close, Chuck
Alex; Alex/Reduction Prints, 25.1

Cloud Tiles, Ronan and Erwan
Bouroullec Design, 35.2

Clovio, Giulio
Four Evangelists, 17.2

Clown Torture, Bruce Nauman, 25.1

Cobra Chair, Carlo Bugatti, 34.1

cocktail: shaker, 28.2

coffee service: 27.2, 28.2

Egyptian; Greek; Roman, 20.1
Nomisma of Romanus III Argyrus; Solidus of Heraclius; Solidus of Leo V, the Armenian, 30.2
tetradrachm portraying Alexander the Great, 33.1
with portraits of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, 35.2

Cole, Thomas
A Distant View of the Falls, 8

Alsdorf jewelry, 25.2
architecture, 13.2
Arensberg, 19.1
Buckingham Japanese prints, 22.1
Demidoff family, 36.1
Donna and Howard Stone, 35.1
early private collectors, 10
Field, Henry, 36.1
Frederic Clay & Helen Birch Bartlett, 12.2
Helen Regenstein, 26.1
Howard Van Doren Shaw memorial, 4
A. James Speyer, 21.1
Joseph Winterbotham, 20.2
Lannan, 25.1
library, 34.2
Louis H. Sullivan, 13.2
Mansfield, Howard, 36.1
Mary Reynolds, 22.2
Medieval 30.2, 32.1, 34.1
Munger, 36.1
scholarly, 34.2

cone-shaped burden basket, 32.1

Conner, Bruce
A Movie; Cosmic Ray, 35.1

conservation, 31.2
Christ before Pilate, 17.1
paintings: Flemish, 8; La Grande Jatte, 14.2; Portrait of a Lady, 5
sideboard and wine cabinet, 31.1

figural medicine, 34.1
water, 32.1
See also jug

contemporary art 29.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2

Cope, George
Civil War Regalia of Major Levi Gheen McCauley, 1887, 30.1

Le Corbusier
Still Life Filled with Space, 35.2

Corinth, Lovis, 16.1

Corn Exchange Bank, 36.1

Cornell, Joseph
The End is the Beginning, 35.1

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille
Abbot Jouveau, Curate of Coubron, The, 26.1

corpus of Christ, 30.2

Virgin and Child with the Infant St. John, 7

Cortor, Eldzier
Room No. VI, The, 35.2

Cory, Thomas
spoon, 28.2

headdress: for Geledi (Igi); snake (A-Mantsho-ña-Tshol or Inap), 35.2
Nimba headdress, 23.2
No drama, 18.1

Couch-Bed (Luohan chuang) late Ming/early Qing dynasty, 34.1

Courbet, Gustave
Mère Gregoire, 13.1

Cow Suckling a Calf c. 9th century (India), 34.1

Cozens, John Robert
Valley of the Eisek near Brixen in the Tyrol, The, 30.1

Craver, Margret
Bonbonnière, 27.2

chasuble front with orphrey; Christ carrying the; Christ on the living; processional; Veltheim, 30.2

Cross, Henri Edmond
Three Men, Half-length, 26.1

crucifix. See under Christ

in the form of a rearing horse and rider, 29.2

Cupid Chastised, 11.2