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Index of Museum Studies: B

"Baburnama": Kichik Khwaja Wounded during Babur's Attack on Qalat,
illustration to, 30.1

Bacon, Francis, 36.1

Badile, Giovanni
Bust of a Young Man in Profile, 30.2

Baglione, Giovanni
Ecstasy of Saint Francis, The, 30.1

Baillie Scott, Mackay Hugh, 19.2

Baldessari, John
Baldessari Sings LeWitt, 35.1

Baldock, Edward Holmes
octagonal library table, 28.2

Baldus, Édouard-Denis
untitled, 34.1

Ballad of Sexual Dependency, The, Nan Goldin, 34.1

Ball Clock, Nelson, George, 27.2

Ballet Dancers, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 31.2

De La Warr Pavilion Chair, 35.2

Barney, Tina
Jill and Polly in the Bathroom, 32.1

Barocci, Federico, 17.1
Entombment, 12.1

Bartlett, Frederic Clay & Helen Birch, 12.2

basin,1700/50 (Puebla) 33.1

Bathers, The, William Bouguereau, 36.1

Bathers by a River, Henri Matisse, 16.1

Baur, Matthäus, II
tea service for two, 28.2

Beata Beatrix, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 36.1

Beckmann, Max
Bathers, 35.2
Reclining Nude, 28.1

Bedroom at Arles, Vincent van Gogh, 12.2

Béhar, Yves
One Laptop per Chiled (OLPC) XO Laptop, 35.2

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, Charles Sprague Pearce, 36.1

Beecroft, Vanessa
Piano Americano, 35.1

Behrens, Peter
demitasse and saucer; pitcher, 28.2

Bel Geddes, Norman
Manhattan cocktail ensemble, 32.1

bell, bo cheng (Eastern Zhou dynasty), 33.1

Bellmer, Hans, 22.2

Bellows, George
Love of Winter, 36.1

Belson, Jordan
World, 35.1

Bernard, Emile
Earthly Paradise, 35.2

Bertoia, Harry
armchair, 27.2

Beuys, Joseph
Sled, 33.1

Bhaishajyaguru Mandala,14th century, C entral Tibet, 33.1

Bhimji, Zarina
Out of Blue, 35.1

Binns, Charles Fergus
vase, 27.2

Birnbaum, Dara
Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, 35.1

Blakelock, Ralph Albert
Vision of Life/The Ghost Dance, The, 16.2

Blanc, Charles, 14.2

Blechen, Carl
Church and Graveyard in the Snow by Moonlight; The Interior of the Palm House on the Pfaueninsel Near Potsdam, 28.1

Blythe, David Gilmore
Old Virginia Home, 27.1

Böcklin, Arnold
In the Sea, 28.1

bodhisattva, 33.1
from the Todai-ji Buddhist Sculpture Workshop, 13.1

Boilly, Louis
Moving House, 15.2

Bolotowsky, Ilya
Grey Diamond, 34.1

bonader, swedish, 7

Bonnard, Pierre
Earthly Paradise, 29.2

book, 34.2
conservation of, 31.2
kimono pattern, 18.1
leaf from a Qur'an (9th/10th century, North Africa or Near East), 33.1
Noteworthy Paintings in American Private Collections; Cannibale, 32.1

Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, double-plated lamp, 30.1

Botticelli, Sandro, a tondo by, 4

Botticini, Raffaello (attributed to),
Adoration of the Magi, 33.1

Boucher, François
Academic Study of a Reclining Male Nude, 35.2

Boucheron, sugar caster, 28.2

Bouguereau, William
The Bathers, 36.1

Bouts, Dieric
Sorrowing Madonna, 15.2

bowl, 27.2
covered sugar, 28.2
punch, 33.1

Brakhage, Stan
Prelude to Dog Star Man; Wonder Ring, 35.1

Brancusi, Constantin
Endless Column, 16.1
Golden Bird, 19.2

Breer, Robert
Man and His Dog Out for Air, 35.1

Breton, Jule
Song of the Lark, The, 36.1

Brodovitch, Alexey
Sylphs, The (Les Sylphides), 29.2

Buckingham, Clarence, 36.1

Bugatti, Carlo
Cobra Chair, 34.1

Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago, The, 36.1

Buren, Daniel
Up and Down, In and Out, Step by Step, A Sculpture, 11.2

Burges, William
sideboard and wine cabinet, 28.2

Burgkmair the Elder, Hans
Lovers Surprised by Death, 30.1

Burne-Jones, Edward Coley Sir, 31.1
stained glass designs, 5

Burnham, Daniel H., 11.1, 13.2
Burnham and Root, 36.1
urban planning, 10

Burton, Scott, bronze chair, 25.1