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Monet Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago

Edited by Gloria Groom and Jill Shaw; essays by James Ganz, Gloria Groom, Nancy Ireson, Dawn Jaros, Kimberley Muir, Kimberly Nichols, and Jill Shaw; contributions by Inge Fiedler and Genevieve Westerby

Online Scholarly Catalogue (free)

This volume, the first in the online series The Impressionist Circle at the Art Institute of Chicago, features forty-seven works by Monet. Entries on the paintings and drawings include new art historical research and unprecedented high-resolution imaging that allows readers to zoom in to see the artist’s brushstrokes, as well as previously unpublished technical photography that unveils information hidden beneath the surface of the artwork through interactive, layered images showing X-ray, infrared, and other technical imaging. Conservation reports on each artwork offer in-depth studies of the artist’s process and incorporate new scientific data on his materials. Other features include a glossary, scanned archival materials, and biographical information about significant historical collectors for the museum.

Funded by the Getty Foundation and the Art Institute’s David and Mary Winton Green Nineteenth-Century Research Fund, with additional staffing support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and scientific research support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this catalogue is part of the Getty Foundation’s Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI). In 2009 the Getty Foundation launched OSCI in partnership with the J. Paul Getty Museum and eight other museums and issued them a challenge to transition from printed scholarly catalogues to multimedia, web-based publications. The goal of the consortium was to create online catalogues that would dramatically increase access to museum collections; make available new, interdisciplinary, up-to-date research; and revolutionize how research is conducted, presented, and utilized. The digital publishing team at the Art Institute of Chicago conceived and managed the Monet and Renoir projects and oversaw the development of the ChicagoCodeX, which has served as the foundation of the open-source, digital publishing platform OSCI Toolkit. Find the code for the Art Institute OSCI Toolkit here under the OSCI-Toolkit, OSCI-Toolkit-Frontend, and ChicagoCodeX repositories.