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Caillebotte Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago

Edited by Gloria Groom and Genevieve Westerby; essays by Gloria Groom, Kelly Keegan, Nancy Ireson, Antoinette Owen, and Kirk Vuillemot

Online Scholarly Catalogue (free)

Groundbreaking conservation and research discoveries about Caillebotte’s remarkable and beloved painting Paris Street: Rainy Day are revealed in Caillebotte Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the many digital assets included in the catalogue is a video shot on the street in Paris that helps to explain the artist’s use of a camera lucida to create the preparatory sketch and painting. Interactive and layered high-resolution imaging, videos, and previously unpublished technical photography unveil extensive new research on the works. Other features include a glossary, scanned archival materials, and biographical information about significant historical collectors for the museum. This free catalogue was supported by the Art Institute’s David and Mary Winton Green Nineteenth-Century Research Fund. The catalogues were built using the OSCI Toolkit, an open-source, digital publishing platform. Find the code for the Art Institute OSCI Toolkit here under the OSCI-Toolkit, OSCI-Toolkit-Frontend, and ChicagoCodeX repositories.