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Work of the Week: "Untitled" (Golden)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s work often contains elements of interaction, meditation, and the temporary. Many of his works will never appear in the same form twice, perhaps even from day to day, much like "Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), a popular work in our contemporary collection. This kind of ephemeral nature is enacted in his “Untitled” (Golden). Installed across the length of the gallery, this gold-bead curtain creates an anticipatory threshold that visitors must interact with in order to experience the entire gallery. “Untitled” (Golden) is one of the last curtain works that Gonzalez-Torres created before his death. He designed a contrast between the opulent and the mass-produced: the gold beads conjure memories of costume jewelry while the color connotes wealth. The sheer scope of the curtain and the weight one feels when passing through give an element of permanence to an otherwise temporary creation.

See “Untitled” (Golden) and other contemporary works in Gallery 289B.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres. “Untitiled” (Golden), 1995. The Art Institute of Chicago, through prior gift of Adeline Yates; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, through prior gifts of J. D. Zellerbach, Gardner Dailey, and an anonymous donor; and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, through prior gift of Solomon R. Guggenheim; partial gift of Andrea Rosen, in honor of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. © 1995 The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation.