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Winter Is Coming

And so it begins. Today marks the first official day of winter and according to the Farmers' Almanac, above average snowfall is predicted for Chicago. To prepare you for the inclement weather, we wanted to take a minute to share The Winter Sun by George Gardner Symons.

Symons was familiar with midwestern winters—he grew up in Chicago and attended the School of the Art Institute. He traveled extensively in pursuit of his artistic subjects and he especially enjoyed the challenges of depicting wintry landscapes. And inspired by the Impressionist technique of painting en plein air, he largely completed his works outside in the elements.

We’re taking heart not only in his brand of toughness, but also the color palette he uses to depict snow. Rather than shades of white, brown, or gray that city dwellers are quite familiar with, Symons used a palette of pink, orange, grayish-purple, and even aqua to convey the play of the sun across the snowy landscape.

Image Credit: George Gardner Symons. The Winter Sun, c. 1909. Friends of American Art Collection.