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Christopher Wool: TRBL


Christopher Wool's stenciled word paintings are among his best known works. Frequently coming from a place of anxiety or impending threat, these paintings make it deliberately difficult to read and assemble meaning, interrupting the normal flow of language. For example, we're used to vowels and we're accustomed to words being on one line (for the most part).

Most visitors do correctly read this painting and it is helpfully titled Trouble to ensure we're all on the same page. Which is helpful considering it could be called Tribal or Treble and adhere to the same structure. But in the artist's view, the word paintings function most effectively when their content is somehow matched to their affect—when the word "does what it says." With Trouble's jarring layout and redaction of letters, Wool reflects the disturbance implied by the word itself.

Christopher Wool is open through May 11.