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Your Holiday To-Do List

You might be surprised (or not) to discover that this week is the busiest week of the year at the museum. With holiday break for the kiddos, family in town, and PTO to burn, we get a LOT of visitors.

And besides the myriad of exhibitions on view, we've got quite a few special holiday offerings to keep you busy (and entertained) on a visit. And since I love a good list, here are the top five must-dos on a holiday visit to the museum. . .

1. Take your new Facebook profile picture. It almost goes without saying, but no visit to the museum is complete without a pic of the wreathed lions.


2. Check out our newest acquisition, the Neapolitan crèche. This nativity scene is on view for the very first time and is the finest example of its kind outside of Italy.


3. Go on a scavenger hunt. Pick up the holiday brochure and find selected works (including the photograph below) around the museum to complete our holiday game. Finishers will be rewarded!



4. Kiss under our giant (four feet in diameter!) mistletoe ball.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 7.06.36 PM

5. Enjoy some music in the galleries. This one is time sensitive, but if you visit the museum this weekend, you'll be treated to a concert by lutist Joel Spears.

Joel Spears