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Work of the Week: Spring is Coming

Spring O'Keeffe

I'd describe today's weather as February-esque. But the fact of the matter is that it's almost MAY. So no matter how bad it is, spring and summer are definitely around the corner. It's always happened like this. I checked some old calendars and summer is for sure on its way. At this point it's just a numbers game. (Full disclosure: I don't actually know what that phrase means.)

Reminders help, though—some brief sunlight, a flower here and there, dudes who've already switched to cargo shorts and aren't looking back. The Art Institute has a few reminders on its walls, too, like Georgia O'Keeffe's appropriately-named Spring from 1923/24, on display in gallery 265. The sun's coming in at a relaxed 45-degree angle, so you can imagine it's a mild morning, with a breeze pointing the house's weathervane to the east. The palette is all fresh greens and purples and bright whites. The whole world is going to look like this soon, trust me.

Not today, though. Sorry. You should spend today inside—at the Art Institute! Bam.