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Work of the Week: Lambri

I've been a fan of Luisa Lambri since seeing her work at the MCA a few years ago, so I was happy to see the recently-acquired Untitled (Strathmore Apartment 13) hanging up in Griffin Court. Lambri's work offers an inverse and unorthodox version of architectural photography. Rather than explicitly depicting a structure, her images describe an experience of inhabiting a space at a specific moment. Lambri photographed Richard Neutra's Strathmore Apartment in Los Angeles from the inside looking out. Venetian blinds obscure the view, giving us a scant look at the balcony and trees beyond the window. She pays tribute to the design of the building with a composition marked by rigidly organized symmetry and repetition—the stuff of modernist architects' dreams. But then she contrasts the rigidity with sunlight streaming through the slats of the blinds—the stuff of photographers' dreams. The result is nearly abstract despite containing very recognizable elements, and I could look at it all day long.

Luisa Lambri. Untitled (Strathmore Apartment 13), 2002.