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The End of Days

The alleged end of the world prompted us to look deep in our collection to see how artists have interpreted doomsday throughout the centuries. Take a look below...

Image Credits:

Albrecht Dürer. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from The Apocalypse, c. 1496–98. Clarence Buckingham Collection.

Jerry Uelsmann. Apocalypse I, 1967. Restricted gift of People's Gallery.

José Guadalupe Posada. The End of the World is Approaching, n.d. William McCallin McKee Memorial Collection.

Honoré Victorin Daumier. “- Adelaide, Adelaide.. I think I can see the comet coming!!... - Oh my God... this is the end of the world.... how annoying. They promised it wouldn't come until June 13!,” plate 31 from Croquis Parisiens, 1857. Gift of Charles E. Worcester.

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