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Move Your Office Outside

On a perfect fall day like this one, it's more than a little bit sad to be cooped up inside. I think most of us would rather be under natural sunlight than fluorescent light any day of the week. Which is why I think Jonathan Olivares's exhibition at the Art Institute, The Outdoor Office, is so brilliant.

As you might expect from the name, the exhibition explores the possibility of working out of doors. As a designer, Olivares became interested in this project because he noticed that there isn't really any office furniture that's meant to go outdoors. So the exhibition takes a look at historical and present-day examples of people working outside—from Plato's Academy to a 1930s French classroom to disaster relief in Haiti to Google's headquarters—for inspiration. Then it considers several conceptual projects (pictured above) that feature designs for new types of offices and furniture. Just think about's good for the environment since we'd cut down on electricity and HVAC costs and the world we live in becomes more and more mobile all the time anyway.

I guess the only tiny problem is...the average temperature in January in Chicago is 22 degrees. Miami might be a better test market.