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Connect the Dots

Though he remains best remembered for comic-inspired paintings like Whaam! (1963) and Ohhh… Alright… (1964), Roy Lichtenstein explored just about every art historical style out there—from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism, from Native American motifs to Art Deco design. Lichtenstein not only drew from these disparate traditions, but he also crafted unique interpretations of famous works from the likes of Picasso, Matisse, and Monet. It’s remarkable how recognizable the original creators are, though the works still bear Lichtenstein’s unmistakable Pop Art sensibility.

The Art Institute, of course, has a spectacular permanent collection that spans the history of art, and consequently the wide range of Lichtenstein’s various inspirations and influences. To celebrate this coincidence, we’ve created a special mini-tour to help you connect the dots between the museum’s vast collection and the witty, ironic art of Roy Lichtenstein.

Download Connecting the Lichtenstein Dots.

Claude Monet. Stacks of Wheat (End of Day, Autumn), 1890/91. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Larned Coburn Memorial Collection.

Roy Lichtenstein. Haystacks, 1969. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. The Ruben Family.