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Teen Lab Teen Screen

Ed. Note: The writers of this post, Kayla and Naomi, are two of the teens who participate in Teen Lab, the museum’s after school program run in partnership with After School Matters. During Teen Lab, 20 teens from all over the city meet at the Art Institute to learn about the museum, its collection, and museum careers, and to make artwork inspired by their experiences. Click here for more information about Teen Lab.

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Disney or supporting young artists (or maybe all three?), then we have an event for you. During this semester’s Teen Lab, a group of students (including yours truly) focused on stop-motion animation, which is animating objects and drawing using a series of photos. We learned about a variety of techniques like making flipbooks, moving objects around, and using cut paper. We would take pictures during the process and then animate them later on a computer.

For inspiration, we used artworks from the galleries in the Art Institute. In one mini project, we used photos of artworks that we then cut into pieces and rearranged while taking pictures of each little movement.

To animate, we also worked with MacBooks and used the application iMovie to set the timing right. It took a lot of time just to complete just one mini project. In total, we spent three days a week for ten weeks here in the Art Institute for the program. Not to mention the seemingly countless hours spent taking pictures for these animation projects!

To show off our work, Teen Lab will be having a public screening on Thursday, April19th from 4:30 to 6:30pm. It will be held in the Ryan Education Center in our home at Studio B. There will be snacks served and you’ll get your own chance to learn how to animate like we did. So don’t be shy and come check us out on Thursday…we know you want to!

—Kayla Henderson and Naomi Gonzalez, Teen Lab participants