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Van Gogh: The Life

"You'd be amazed how much really, really wonderful art has been made by people who led essentially boring lives." —Gregory White Smith

"We felt it was a little bit like two Dutchmen showing up at the Library of Congress...with the ambition of writing the definitive biography of George Washington." —Steven Naifeh

Of course, Gregory White Smith was not at all referring to Vincent van Gogh in the quote above, but rather the process that led him and Steven Naifeh to a multi-year exploration of van Gogh and the daunting task of writing the artist's biography.

The two author's sell-out lecture was just as lively as the quotes above make it seem and the 45 minute video is definitely worth your time. Watch them banter, interrupt each other, discuss alternate theories about the artist's demise, and speak so compellingly about their subject.