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Exposure, on view in the Modern Wing’s gallery 188, is the fourth in a series of exhibitions dedicated to showcasing emerging artists working in the field of contemporary photography. The three artists featured in this installment of the series illustrate the diversity of current photography practice: Matt Keegan combines street photography, sculpture, and text to present and comment on the history of American urban development; Katie Paterson uses astrophotography techniques to simultaneously describe space and time; Heather Rasmussen photographs paper models of shipping container disasters, reminding us of another risk involved in the business of intricately interconnected global trade.

Within this series, curator Katherine Bussard aims to exclusively feature artists who haven’t shown work in a venue of the Art Institute’s stature. Which makes the process of discovering artist’s work and planning the exhibition a bit different than your average show of, say, dead painters. Bussard and a colleague were drawn to Paterson’s work at the Armory Show in New York. However, the two had to work through virtual channels to organize the show, since logistical circumstances prevented a studio visit (Bussard’s preferred method for viewing an emerging artist’s work). Matt Keegan doesn’t maintain an artist’s website, so, after seeing his work on view in a group exhibition, Bussard reached out to him through Facebook. Finally, an image by Heather Rasmussen showed up on an email list Bussard subscribes to—the image caught her eye, so she printed it out and got in touch to do a studio visit.

Behold the power of the interwebs.