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Installing TASS, Part 1

Here at blog HQ, we're very excited about the opening of Windows on the War: Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941–1945. So excited, in fact, that we'll be posting details of the installation every day this week.

In an effort to flesh out the creation process of the TASS posters, the curators worked with a contemporary artist to recreate one of the posters using techniques similar to the ones that would have been used in the 1940s by the artists who worked at the TASS news agency. The poster they chose is called The Moralistic Wolf and shows a complex caricature of Hitler as a wolf surrounded by bombs. Above, you can see a miniature model (created months ago by curator Peter Zegers) of the wall in the exhibition where these stencils and posters would ultimately hang. And below—from just last week—is a-still-in-progress installation shot of the stencils created for the exhibition and the original posters (two versions hang to the left of the stencils). For more details on the process, we invite you to the exhibition, opening this Sunday!

Images courtesy of Exhibition Assistant Molly Zimmerman-Feeley.