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Closing Soon: Hyperlinks

Today marks the final day of Hyperlinks: Architecture and Design, an exhibition that presents the works of designers who are working across a variety of fields—architecture, material design, furniture design, science, and technology among others—to create pieces that respond to the increasingly "hyper-linked" world we live in. But although the exhibition will close in just a few short hours, you may not have seen the last of some of the pieces in the show...

One crowd favorite, especially among the local contingent, was Evan Gant and Alex Tee's LightLane. This ingenious design was inspired by the inherent danger of riding bikes on streets with no bike lanes (ahem, Chicago) and the hypothesis that cars and bikes both respect the idea of lanes, but that accidents can happen when one group isn't sure where their designated space is. After experimenting with a number of rather destructive ideas (including attaching keys to bikes in order to "key" any car that got too close), they landed on the idea of creating their own bike lane with green lasers (see above) projecting from the back of a bike in order to indicate the amount of space that bikers need to coexist with cars. This project is currently being developed for industrial production, so don't be surprised if you see one on your street soon.

Also featured in the exhibition were maps from San Francisco-based Stamen's This site was designed as an ever-evolving mapping tool. Users are invited to download a map of a specific place, add features to the map, and post it to the site. Features to the map may include anything: fire hydrants, addresses, gas stations, anything. So whether you're looking for where trees are located on a specific block in Washington D.C. or one person's particular points of interest in Johannesburg or wheelchair accessibility in Berlin or (my personal favorite) the best fishing spots in San Francisco, the site provides sometimes detailed, sometimes subjective, but always interesting maps of various places around the globe.