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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

While the whole city of Chicago mourns the Bulls' loss last night to the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, I have to admit I'm particularly disappointed. Because over the last few weeks, we've worked with Chicago Scenic Studios and the Bulls to create jerseys for the lions in the event that the home team made it to the NBA finals. This would have made it the third time in a year that we've dressed up the lions that flank the Art Institute's entrance on Michigan Avenue in celebration of the city's sports teams.

In preparation for fabricating the jerseys, Chicago Scenic made two visits to the lions with a seamstress and a pattern maker to determine measurements and "fit" the lions. While the seamstress told me that the lions weren't the most difficult animals she's worked with (that would be a dinosaur), fitting them for their jerseys was a complicated process. Though the lions look identical, they have different stances, expressions, and measurements. The images above are from their second fitting with muslin jerseys.

The good news is that in the event the Bulls make it all the way next year, we're prepared!