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The Missing Link

You are a curatorial assistant helping to put together an exhibition puzzlingly titled, Chain Links: Questionable Connections in Art. Although the theme of the exhibition has never been entirely clear, you have been told that many of artworks relate somehow to other works in the exhibition. The curator has even prepared a map showing how the works connect to each other. With only a few hours until your deadline to submit the final list of works in the show, you suddenly realize that the map file on your cursed computer has been corrupted, obscuring the identity of several of the works. Using your knowledge of art, the museum's online collections database, and your wits, you must figure out which works are missing from the map. Click here to download.

Notes: The map is spread over two pages, with the bottom edge of the first page connecting to the top edge of the second page.  All of the missing works (labeled A-L) are in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, and are listed in the online collections database.

Hat tip to Chicago's own The Puzzler, who inspired this puzzle with his recent series of chain-building contests.  For previous museum-themed puzzles from our blog, go herehere, and here.

Tags: Puzzles