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Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 (with a little help from El Lissitzky, Barnett Newman, Bernadino da Carnago of Naples, and an anonymous Greek artist)! We wish you a happy, safe, and art-filled new year!

And as a reminder, the museum is closed on Saturday, January 1 and the following exhibitions close on January 2: Ballplayers, Gods, and Rainmaker Kings: Masterpieces from Ancient Mexico, Ancient Chinese Bronzes from the Shouyang Studio: The Katherine and George Fan Collection, and Gray Collection: Seven Centuries of Art.

El Lissitzky, published by Theo van Doesburg. Suprematist Story of Two Squares (Suprematisch worden van twee kwadraten), 1922. Bob and June Leibowits Collection.

Greek. Earring, 4th/3rd Century B.C. Gift of Norman W. Harris.

Barnett Newman. Untitled 3, 1950. Through prior gift of Mr. and Mrs. Carter H. Harrison.

Master BE (Bernadino da Carnago of Naples?). Halberd, early 16th century. George F. Harding Collection.