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Seurat turns 151

Happy Birthday Georges Seurat, creator of Art Institute masterpiece and fan-favorite A Sunday on La Grande Jatte -- 1884!

This painting is one of the highlights of the museum's collection and one of the only works that we never loan out to other institutions. So in other words, if you can't make it to Chicago, you're out of luck. But since we know that some people just can't get enough of this pointillist master, here are some ways to add a little more Seurat to your life:

1. Zoomify. How much fun is that to say? And it’s even more fun to do it! Click here to zoomify (aka zoom in on) the painting to observe each and every dot in all their pixelated glory.

2. Find the app for that. Download our French Impressionism app to learn more about the artist (and his illustrious contemporaries), watch videos, and look at images.

3. Hunt for treasure. Well, not actual treasure, but if you are in Chicago, this Sunday is our 29th Annual Treasure Hunt and Tea Party. Bring the kiddos to learn about art (La Grande Jatte is one of the stops along the hunt), hang out with Artie the Lion, and drink some delicious tea. Who knows? You might even learn something.