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It’s Thursday afternoon, the week before Thanksgiving. Here at the Art Institute, we’re feeling extra thankful. Why, you might ask? First, we're excited to announce that we've had such an amazing public response to Jitish Kallat's Public Notice 3 that we will be extending the piece through May 1, 2011--four months longer than we originally planned. We've been able to watch people enjoying the work on the Grand Staircase every day, and we're also grateful to our visitors who have written in to the museum praising the piece. Second, our colleagues across Michigan Avenue at the School of the Art Institute will be offering a special interdisciplinary graduate class next semester called "Museum as Critical Curriculum," focused on artistic interaction and collaboration with Public Notice 3. Finally, we're celebrating the fact that the artist has very generously gifted this provocative, site-specific work of art to our permanent collection. To learn more about the work, watch this video interview between Kallat and curator Madhuvanti Ghose in which they discuss the significance of the artist’s first major presentation in an American museum.