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Contemporary Collecting


If you’ve visited Contemporary Collecting: Selections from the Donna and Howard Stone Collection, you may have noticed that next to Sol LeWitt’s vibrant Wall Drawing #1111: A Circle with Broken Bands of Color, is a smaller, more subtle pencil drawing by Jim Hodges. Like the LeWitt, it consists of concentric circles and was drawn directly on the wall of Griffin Court. But while the LeWitt is rigid and objective in its structure, the Hodges is more organic—like the rings in a tree—and denotes a personal relationship between the artist and the collectors. The piece is called Untitled (Portrait of Howard and Donna Stone) and is exactly that—a representation of the Stones.


The circle on the left represents Howard, on the right, Donna. On a study for the work, Hodges wrote, “overlap is determined by placing each circle 11 inches apart at the center.” The height of the circles represents the height of each individual: Howard’s circle stands at 66 ¼" and Donna’s at 63 ¼." The color of each circle—black for Howard, French grey for Donna—was chosen by the Stones.

If you haven’t been yet, don’t miss this gentle, evocative drawing and the opportunity to not only rethink portraiture but also draw parallels between Untitled and other works in the collection.