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Cory Arcangel Premiere!


Cory Arcangel is a New York-based composer, performer, and digital artist whose Untitled (After Lucier) was recently installed in the photography galleries of the Modern Wing for Sound & Vision, an exhibition that explores the intersection between art and music and opens tonight.

For this piece, Arcangel has taken a digital video of the Beatles’s famous appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and created a computer program that plays the excerpt over and over, compressing and pixelating the video each time it plays to the point that it becomes unrecognizable. The video will start tonight when the exhibition opens and play in a never-ending loop until the close of the exhibition on August 29, giving you a different experience with every viewing. Arcangel has also eliminated the sound (both of the music and the crazed fans), leaving you with only the iconic, black and white images of the band. But it's a good thing he did, because there already are several audio pieces in the exhibition. I'm looking forward to Louise Lawler's Birdcalls, a sound piece in which the artist takes the names of successful male artists from her generation and transforms them into mating calls.

If you're interested in checking out Untitled (After Lucier) when it begins, come by the museum tonight. You'll also get to see a live world premiere of Arcangel's newest composition/performance Music for Stereos. We can’t tell you much about the performance, but we can tell you that it will feature lo-fi inventiveness at its best.

The performance is free with museum admission and starts at 6pm. Click here for more information.