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Konstantin Grcic: Decisive Design

The exhibition Konstantin Grcic: Decisive Design boldly goes where few museum exhibitions dare to're allowed to touch the art. That's right. You read that correctly. You're allowed to touch and—most importantly—sit on a large portion of the work in the exhibition.

Grcic, a contemporary German designer, is known for creating exceptionally functional household items including, but not limited to lamps, bookcases, buckets, chairs, salad servers, and sofas. Also a big fan of Formula One racing, the exhibition is designed like a racetrack, with a selection of his chairs, stools, and other seating devices located in the "infield." And it's these works that visitors are allowed to test drive.

Check out the video above for an in-depth interview between Grcic and Neville Bryan Curator of Design Zoë Ryan. Or, better yet, visit the exhibition before it closes on January 24.