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Art Institute Gift Guide

Haven't started your holiday shopping yet? Don't worry, me either. Luckily, there are Art Institute staffers who devote a lot of their time to helping people find the perfect gift. And in the spirit of giving, some of their (very cost effective) suggestions are listed below. I'll see you in The Modern Wing Shop...


Name: Al Y.
Position: Sales Assistant
Gift: Samurai Sword Umbrella by Kikkerland ($36)
Who would you buy it for: Anyone under 30 or anyone who secretly aspires to be a ninja.
Why: Because you can fight the rain, with honor.


Name: Esther R.
Position: Modern Wing Museum Shop Manager
Gift: Gene Davis Narrow Stripe Tie ($48)
Who would you buy it for: my Father or my boyfriend
Why: Eye-catching, but still minimal. What's not to like?


Name: Ashley R.
Position: Marketing Intern
Gift: Tea Stick ($27)
Who would you buy it for: my Grandma
Why: She loves tea and this will make the perfect cup. And besides being super stylish, it's so much smaller and easier to use than most steepers.


Name: Brent R.
Position: Divisional Merchandise Manager, Books
Gift: "Kuzi" Ballpoint Pen designed by Karim Rashid ($55)
Who would you buy it for: artists, designers, other creative types, or myself
Why: It's unusual and distinctive in shape, but not uncomfortable to hold. It uses easy-to-find Parker refills and they stay in tight.


Name: Meghan W.
Position: Sales Assistant, Books
Gift: Rineke Dijkstra: Beach Portraits ($25, down from $50!)
Who would you buy it for: Me, my sister, Mom, Dad, friends, everyone! It's that gorgeous of a book!
Why: It's a stunning photography book and an awesome price.


Name: Kristin H.
Position: Modern Wing Museum Shop Manager
Gift: Fun Felt Decorative Pin ($25)
Who would you buy it for: My best friend!
Why: She's artistic and loves colorful things. Plus she could wear it on a coat or a dress.