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Hi. How are you?

The Modern Wing
Photography by Dave Jordano

We’re fine. True, it has been a busy year for the Art Institute (please see above). And while we’re still pretty excited about the Modern Wing, I think we’re even more excited to find out what’s going on and what will go on. Which is where ARTicle comes in…

We happen to be fascinated by the work done in a large museum. We often hear really interesting stories about how a work of art was installed/conserved/acquired or how an exhibition or event was conceived/executed/almost didn’t happen or how a publication was researched/edited/titled. We hear lore about the Art Institute’s past. We have events here every day. And we think…wouldn’t it be cool if we could share this with everyone?!

Well, now we can. With ARTicle.

We’re looking forward to using this space to give you behind-the-scenes access to the museum. Think of it as the deepest, darkest secrets of the Art Institute. Kidding of course, but we’re really excited to tell you all the stories that—quite simply put—don’t have a place in our other communications. And it’s certainly a work in progress, so we look forward to your feedback along the way…