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The Art Institute of Chicago Centennial Lectures

Vol. 10

Table of Contents:
Preface and Acknowledgments 
James N. Wood 
Jean Goldman 
John Boardman 
Roman Visions and Greek Inventions at the Foot of Mount Vesuvius 
Karl Schefold 
The Organization of Raphael’s Workshop 
John Shearman 
A Fugue of Styles: Roman Drawings of the Sixteenth Century 
Sydney J. Freedberg 
Earlier Paintings in the Earlier Years of the Art Institute: The Role of the Private Collectors 
Ellis Waterhouse 
The Chicago Pygmalion and the “English Metamorphoses” 
Wendy Hefford 
A Late Seventeenth-Century French Cabinet at the J. Paul Getty Museum 
Gilliam Wilson 
Géricoult’s Compositional Method: Sketches for the Farrier’s Signboard in the Art Institute 
Lorenz Eitner 
William Rimmer: Creative Imagination and Daemonic Power 
Jeffrey Weidman 
Thomas Eakins: The Quest for Truth 
Evan Turner 
Burnham Before Chicago: The Birth of a Modern American Urban Planning 
John W. Reps 
Michael Asher and the Conclusion of Modernist Sculpture 
Benjamin H. D. Buchloh 
The Divine Image and Poetic Imagery in Gupta India 
Pratapaditya Pal 
Hokusai’s Illustrations for the 100 Poems 
Roger Keyes 
Rapacious Birds and Severed Heads: Early Bronze Rings from Nigeria 
Susan Mullin Vogel