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Related Story: HEAR Modern Music 4 (Schoenberg)

Related Story: HEAR Modern Music 4 (Schoenberg)

Arnold Schoenberg, from Five Pieces for Orchestra, 1909. The Cleveland Orchestra. Christoph von Dohnányi. London / Decca, 1997.

This means that Schonberg [] realizes that the greatest freedom of all, the freedom of an unfettered art, can never be absolute. Every age achieves a certain measure of this freedom, but beyond the boundaries of its freedom the mightiest genius can never go. But the measure of freedom of each age must be constantly enlarged. Schonberg [] is endeavouring to make complete use of his freedom and has already discovered gold mines of new beauty in his search for spiritual harmony. His music leads us into a realm where musical experience is a matter not of the ear but of the soul alone—and from this point begins the music of the future.


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