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Related Story: HEAR Modern Music 3 (Scriabin)

Related Story: HEAR Modern Music 3 (Scriabin)

Alexander Scriabin, from Sonata No. 6, 1911. Eleni Traganas. Digital Audio Recording. WDR West German Broadcasting Co., Cologne, 2009.

The experience of the hearer is frequently the same during the performance of the works of these two musicians [Mussorgsky and Scriabin]. He is often snatched quite suddenly from a series of modern discords into the charm of more or less conventional beauty. He feels himself often insulted, tossed about like a tennis ball over the net between the two parties of the outer and the inner beauty. To those who are not accustomed to it the inner beauty appears as ugliness because humanity in general inclines to the outer and knows nothing of the inner.

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