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Turning the Pages: Gonder, Ethiopia, <em>Miracles of Mary (Te'amire Maryam)</em> manuscript, late 17th century

Turning the Pages: Gonder, Ethiopia, Miracles of Mary (Te'amire Maryam) manuscript, late 17th century

This lavish 158-page bound manuscript is devoted to the miracles of Mary. It was created in the late 17th century in Gonder, the newly established capital of Christian Ethiopia's Solomonic kings. The manuscript is part of a closely related group of manuscripts that were created during a period of great artistic innovation in Christian Ethiopia, when manuscript illuminators were exploring new approaches to their art including the introduction of narrative illustrations. It is likely that this book was commissioned by a wealthy individual as a high-status guide for family devotion.

In addition to paging through the digitized manuscript via the link below, you may also download a PDF copy of the Art Institute's illustrated publication commemorating the acquisition of this seventeenth-century manuscript.

17th century, religion

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