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03. Iakov Chernikhov, <em>Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions</em>. Leningrad: Mezhdunarodnaia kniga, 1933

03. Iakov Chernikhov, Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions. Leningrad: Mezhdunarodnaia kniga, 1933

Iakov Chernikhov's use of the term "architectural fantasies" is his own, meant to describe a teaching exercise which allows a student to work out compositional problems on paper based on a set of principles. The book comprises two parts: part one explains Chernikhov's teaching methods and part two includes 101 examples of architectural fantasies. The illustrations show a variety of imaginary building complexes, some very industrial, others completely abstract, and all suspended in blank space without reference to environmental features.

Ryerson & Burnham Libraries Collection
Call number: Sp 720.947 C52a

architecture, Constructivism, Russian

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