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Quick Facts: Cezanne's The Bay of Marseilles, Seen from L'Estaque

Quick facts about the artist and the paintings he completed on the southern coast of France.

Art Institute of Chicago. With Open Eyes: Images from The Art Institute of Chicago. CD-ROM. New York: Voyager, 1994.

As a young artist, Cézanne lived in Paris and exhibited with the Impressionist painters. Later he lived in the small village of L’Estaque on the southern coast of France. From the village, he could see the city of Marseilles, its harbor, and the coastal mountains, views he never tired of painting. Here you see the beautiful bay. Cézanne wrote of the view, "It is like a playing card. Red roofs on the blue sea. The sun is so terrifying that it seems as though the objects are silhouetted, not only in black and white, but in blue, red, brown, and violet."

landscapes, water, weather/seasons


Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School

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