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Quick Facts: Van Gogh's The Bedroom

Quick facts about the artist and his colorful painting of his room.

Art Institute of Chicago. With Open Eyes: Images from The Art Institute of Chicago. CD-ROM. New York: Voyager, 1994.

In 1888, after living several years in Paris, the painter van Gogh moved to Arles in the south of France, and invited other artists to come and work alongside him there. This view of his bedroom is one of a series of paintings he made to decorate his "little yellow house" while he waited for his artist friend Gauguin to arrive. The bedroom is full of bright colors, dramatic perspective, and pictures tilting off the walls. Van Gogh hoped it would appear peaceful and relaxing. Do you find it restful—or does it seem restless and full of energy?

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Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School

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