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Quick Facts: Monet's Water Lilies

Quick facts about the artist's paintings of his garden and pond.

Art Institute of Chicago. With Open Eyes: Images from The Art Institute of Chicago. CD-ROM. New York: Voyager, 1994.

During the last 25 years of Monet’s life, he painted little else except waterscapes like this, which show the pond in his Japanese-style garden, and the water lilies that float on it. The earliest of these garden paintings show a Japanese bridge, trees, and sky as well as the pond. The view of water lilies here was very unconventional for its time. There is no horizon; the subject is the surface of the pond, which is at once a mirror of the sky above and a window into the world within the pool.

Impressionism, landscapes, water, weather/seasons


Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School

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