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Teacher Manual: Telling Images: Stories in Art

Teacher Manual: Telling Images: Stories in Art

Stories shape our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Telling stories helps all of us to understand who we are and what we believe. For visual artists the challenge is to tell a story, which is linear in form and unfolds in time, in one static image. This manual, which was created to accompany the exhibition Telling Images: Stories in Art has six chapters, each devoted to a single work of art. Chapters include an overview of the artist, background information on the object, a glossary, discussion questions, art activities, and bibliography. (©1996)

African, African American, American, animals, India, literature, photography, religion, Spanish, stories, travel


Fine Arts, Language Arts, Social Science/History
Elementary, Middle School
Art from Many Places, Clues from the Past, Stories in Art

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