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Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Portrait of Sylvette David</em> by Pablo Picasso

Artwork Resource Packet: Portrait of Sylvette David by Pablo Picasso

While living in the small town of Vallauris on the southern coast of France, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso encountered a young woman named Sylvette David. Her stunning features fascinated Picasso so much that over the course of the next three months, he composed more than 40 paintings and drawings in a range of styles. In this particular image of Sylvette, her features are greatly distorted as Picasso began to examine her facial features and characteristics as closely and specifically as possible. This teaching packet includes an essay, discussion questions, activity ideas, and a glossary.

20th century, abstraction, Cubism, modern, Modern Wing, painting, portraits, women


Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics
Early Childhood, Elementary, High School, Middle School
ABCs of Art: Lines/Shapes/Color, Art from Many Places, Modern Art, Self / Family / Community

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