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Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Love of Winter</em> by George Wesley Bellows

Artwork Resource Packet: Love of Winter by George Wesley Bellows

In this work we see a lively crowd skating on a frozen pond in Central Park. George Wesley Bellows skillfully contrasted the background of the composition, an expanse of blue-gray hills and trees, with the boldly colored and vigorously rendered figures in the fore and middle grounds. This teaching packet includes an essay, discussion questions, activity ideas, a glossary, and an image of the artwork.

20th century, American, children, families, painting, weather/seasons


Fine Arts, Language Arts, Social Science/History
Elementary, High School, Middle School
ABCs of Art: My Five Senses, Art from Many Places, Art Traditions of the United States, Learning about America through Art, Self / Family / Community, Stories in Art

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