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Audio Lecture: Home/work: Images in Context

Audio Lecture: Home/work: Images in Context

Julia Fish's paintings are quiet, abstract manifestations of observed realities drawn from personal experiences, memories, and her own immediate surroundings. Many of her early paintings focused on natural phenomena?clouds, snow, frost, vines, bark and ivy. Her more recent work draws upon the poetics of domestic architectural elements, such as a tile floor, studio window, or hall entryway.  Methodical and precise, Fish slowly constructs her compositions with many layers of thinned paint, carefully building the surface, at times eliminating visible brushstrokes and negotiating defined edges. In her presentation "Home/work: Images in Context," she discusses an overview of studio work and site-specific projects, in addition to examples of historical and contemporary art and architecture that have been influential in the development of her work.

Abstract , architecture, nature, painting


High School, Middle School

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