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Related Story: The Year A.D. 324
Coins were made of pieces of gold, silver, or bronze, known as blanks, which were cast or cut to specific weights. To make a coin, a blank was sandwiched between a pair of dies with engraved designs...
Video: Coin Production in the Roman World
This comparative time line illustrating works of art from the Art Institute’s collection presents a selection of events—artistic, cultural, political, and social—from the origins of human...
Timeline: When in Africa, When in the World
Roman commentaries on triumphal processions suggest that the gaze of the audience was perilously hard to control. Dr. Mary Beard, University of Cambridge, England, offers a new perspective by...
Audio Lecture: The Other Side of Conquest—Prisoners and Victims in the Roman Triumph
Scholar Mary Beard from the University of Cambridge, professor and author of The Roman Triumph, reflects on the global character of the Roman Empire. Karen Manchester, chair of the...
Audio Lecture: Urbs et Orbs—The City and the World in the Roman Triumph
Adrienne Mayor, Stanford University, cites the Art Institute's Mithradates coin as she unwinds the treacherous tale of Rome's "deadliest" enemy.
Audio Lecture: The Poison King's Things: Mithradates the Great
Expert Sidney Goldstein traces illusions of beautiful deception as glassworks appear to be something other than they are. Sponsored by the Boshell Foundation Lecture Fund.
Audio Lecture: Imitating Other Things: Luxury Glass in Antiquity

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