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A brief essay focusing on Bell Krater. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Bell Krater</em>
Internationally renowned archaeologist and MacArthur fellow, Susan E. Alcock, Professor of Classics and the Director for the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown...
Audio Lecture: Scanning and Planning: Modern Modes of Watching the Ancient World
Bibliography of related resources in the teaching manual Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World.
Bibliography: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Explore the uses and effects of portraiture in ancient Rome and contemporary society.
Classroom or Home Activity: All Hail!
Explore the use and effects of using ancient Greek architectural elements in the Art Institute of Chicago and/or local architecture.
Classroom or Home Activity: An Architectural Adventure
Compare composite beings from Egypt (Re Horakhty) and Greece (Griffins).
Classroom or Home Activity: Composite Creatures: A Supernatural Team
Compare the ancient Greek and American democratic processes by staging mock elections in the classroom.
Students will create a journal of what they do in school during one week and compare it to a fictitious day or week in the life of an ancient Greek boy or girl.
Explore ancient Greek vessels, their shapes, functions, and decorated surfaces. Design an ancient Greek version of a contemporary vessel keeping in mind shape, function, and decorated surface.
Classroom or Home Activity: Everyday Containers Then and Now
Classroom activities that focus on the written languages of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Excerpted from the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World teacher manual.
Classroom or Home Activity: Language Activities

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