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Iakov Chernikhov's use of the term "architectural fantasies" is his own, meant to describe a teaching exercise which allows a student to work out compositional problems on paper based on a set of...
03. Iakov Chernikhov, <em>Architectural Fantasies: 101 Compositions</em>. Leningrad: Mezhdunarodnaia kniga, 1933
Ornament: Classically Composed Structures is one of six books that Iakov Chernikhov published in his lifetime; a seventh book, The Construction of Letter Forms, was published...
05. Iakov Chernikhov, <em>Ornament: Classically Composed Structures</em>. Leningrad: Izdanie Avtora, 1930
The Windows on the War exhibition team contracted artist Alexis Petroff to re-create a stenciled and painted TASS poster in order to reveal the amazing amount of handwork required in the...
Video: Recreation of a TASS Print with Alexis Petroff
Full beige morocco leather binding, elaborately blocked with lettering and decoration in gold and black, all edges colored and gilt, containing thirty-one chromolithographed plates. Binding by Hübel...
1. Nikodim Pavlovich Kondakov, 1844-1925. <em>Geschichte und Denkmäler des Byzantinischen Emails (History and Monuments of Byzantine Enamels) </em>. Frankfurt am Main: [s.n.], 1892.
Exhibition curator Jill Bugajski examines “multiplied original” stencils employed by the Soviet TASS poster artists to duplicate original designs.
Audio Lecture: Poster Technologies: Stencil and the “Multiplied Original” in the TASS Series
Presented as a gift to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1977, the America Windows remain an integral symbol of the city’s longstanding relationship with the arts. Artist Marc Chagall began...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>America Windows</em> by Marc Chagall
Albright's father Adam Emory Albright studied with the American artist Thomas Eakins and passed that training on to his twin sons Ivan and Malvin. After...
04.  "Smolny Leningrad," 1967

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