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Nathalia Goncharova's futurist devil takes many forms as he plays a card game with sinners in this slyly ironic and provocative illustrated poem from the Russian avant garde.
Turning the Pages: Nathalia Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962), <em>A Game in Hell: A Poem (Igra v adu: Poema)</em>, 1912
Nathalia Goncharova produced several of these cheaply-made, pocket-sized illustrated books with copious lithographs in an attempt with her Russian avant-garde group of writers and artists to create...
Turning the Pages: Nathalia Goncharova (Russian, 1881-1962), <em>Anchorites; Anchoress: Two Poems</em> (<em>Pustynniki; Pustynnitsa: Dve poemy</em>), 1913
Sovetskoe iskusstvo 5 (1941), 1.05 min.
Soiuzkinozhurnal (1942), 2.15 min.
Video: Newsreel Broadcasts about the TASS Studio, 1941-42
The Windows on the War exhibition team contracted artist Alexis Petroff to re-create a stenciled and painted TASS poster in order to reveal the amazing amount of handwork required in the...
Video: Recreation of a TASS Print with Alexis Petroff

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