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A brief essay focusing on Romare Bearden's The Return of Odysseus (Homage to Pintoricchio and Benin). Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>The Return of Odysseus (Homage to Pintoricchio and Benin)</em> by Romare Bearden
The image represents the long-awaited return of Odysseus, which is the climax of the epic poem the Odyssey by Greek poet Homer. Romare Howard Bearden's use of collage gives a modern look to this...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>The Return of Odysseus (Homage to Pintoricchio and Benin)</em> by Romare Bearden
Elizabeth Pope, curatorial research assistant for the Casas Grandes exhibition, explores some of the complex cosmic symbolism to be found on this ancient American pottery.
Audio Lecture: Feathered Serpents and Scarlet Macaws: Imagery of Casas Grandes Ceramics
Foreign faces—Korean, Chinese, and European—became a staple of Japanese popular arts in the Edo period (1615–1868). Print artists, whose livelihoods depended on market appeal, quickly recognized the...
Departmental Gallery Exhibition: Foreign Faces in Japanese Prints
An examination of Gauguin's painting, created from memory, of a Tahitian beach scene rich with references to Polynesian religion.
An introduction to Gauguin's search for the exotic and his move to Tahiti, with a focus on the artist's painting, Ancestors of Tehamana, 1893.
An analysis of Moreau's mythological painting as a reflection of the artist's perspective on the Franco-Prussian War.
Find out more about how the beliefs of ancient American people translated into their works of art. Includes an art-making activity.
Ancient ...
Family Activity: Gods in Ancient American Art
An introduction to Puvis de Chavannes' painting of the patron goddesses of the arts, completed after the production of a mural with the same theme.
An introduction to Gauguin's intriguing painting of Tahitian women in front of a thatched house. Just like its title, the painting leaves the viewer with questions.

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