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Art objects embody information about the history, philosophy, religion, and social order of the people who made them and the environment in which they were made. Written in Spanish and English, this...
Teacher Manual: The Arts of the Ancient Americas
Uncover the world of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Italy through 20 works from the Art Institute's Ancient collection. This extensive manual includes historical essays, discussion questions, classroom...
Teacher Manual: Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
A careful study of Gauguin's stylized painting that was inspired by his South Seas experience.
An overview of Gauguin's two-year stay in Tahiti and a detailed look at his mysterious portrait of his young wife, Tehamana.
An introduction to Puvis' participation in the Salon and to two paintings from the 1880s, both reductions of larger, earlier works.
Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Gauguin's mysterious portrait of a Tahitian girl.
An introduction to Redon's surprising involvement with the Impressionists and a look at one of his most mysterious drawings.

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